Project Description

The brand story

If you’ve enjoyed a comforting chai tea or indulgent hot chocolate at your local café, chances are it came from Arkadia, an inspiring range of quality products that has long been the number one choice for cafés all over Australia. In fact, Arkadia’s signature chai brew – which is prepared using antique Indian chai tea recipes that have been enjoyed for over 5000 years – is the benchmark for the perfect chai latte flavour in Australia, and many others have tried to replicate it.

The brief

You can imagine the excitement when Arkadia, an Australian owned and operated established brand, decided to bring their café series into the home by launching a specialty grocery range of chai teas for retail. Arkadia came to CTD through our network, this time a retailer referral. We were excited to take them on and have worked to increase their distribution from Coles to Woolworths. And the response has been overwhelming! Arkadia is a leading brand in its category, answering to the local taste for creamy chai hot drinks.

Our work together

We’ve also helped them launch new products into the grocery space. Arkadia continues to innovate and offer novel ways of enjoying chai. From Traditional Spice, Vanilla, Pomegranate, Matcha to Dirty Chai, Arkadia is at the forefront of flavour development. Most recently, we’ve worked with Arkadia to launch a premium drinking chocolate.

Despite Arkadia’s success in food service, they recognised the unique demands of the retail space, partnering with CTD in an effort to best utilise our knowledge in this area. CTD helps Arkadia with demand planning, account management and promotional planning, new product development, and customer queries. Logistics is crucial here. If a cool spell comes through, Arkadia sales skyrocket, and as you can imagine it’s important to respond in the moment! The partnership formed in 2010 and it’s a pleasure to work with them and introduce Australians to new beverage experiences.