Project Description

The brand story

Multiple members of the CTD team were familiar with the UK-founded Cawston Press, a range of seductive juices inspired by the apple and ingredients from the kitchen garden. From the bright, watercolour fruits on the packaging, to the luscious flavour combinations designed by master blenders, this is a brand that just makes you want to run out your back door, and bury your face in rhubarb.

Cawston Press is unique. With a mission to make beautiful soft drinks, using only the best tasting ingredients, not from concentrate and absolutely nothing artificial, the fruit is picked at the perfect harvesting time and then pressed straight away. Unlike most commercial juices, where the fruit is stored throughout the year and juiced as needed (or made from concentrate), which can really affect the quality of the taste, Cawston keeps its delicious flavour profile because the fruit is picked and pressed, the juice gently pasteurised and stored at its finest.

The brief

CTD recognised the opportunity to launch a premium juice range with strong, gorgeous branding and a unique offer into the Australian market. This is a competitive category, no doubt about it, but the quality, uniqueness and strength of Cawston’s personality made it a no-brainer for the Aussie supermarket.

Our work together

With a simple cold call from CTD’s General Manager Tim Fairbairn to Cawston, and timely negotiation with our retail partners, we were able to launch Cawston in Australia in less than 12 months. The brand’s first foray into the export market, we helped them with local compliance at launch, which was particularly important as Australia has different packaging regulations to other countries. We also helped them with advice on the right range for local flavour preferences, as well as the entire marketing kick-off campaign for the brand’s Australian launch, including in-store trade activation, public relations, social media and print advertising.

These days we are working with Cawston to launch their next evolution of drinks in new categories for new occasions. We also continue to manage their demand planning function, inventory ownership, sales, category analysis, brand management and execution (where required) and all local consumer enquiries.