Project Description

The brand story

For almost 25 years, CTD’s co-founder and company director Felice Testini, has worked with The Fry Family Food Company, the world’s leading vegan brand. Felice helped to launch the brand in South Africa and in 2000, Fry’s partnered with CTD to launch here in Australia.

While the majority of Australians were still avid barbequers back then, there was a loyal group of vegans and vegetarians, hungry for meat-alternatives that didn’t have hidden nasties, who slowly helped us to establish the brand locally.

Wally and Debbie Fry, both committed vegetarians, started the brand from humble beginnings, making protein alternatives for their own use in their family kitchen. Passionate about educating the world on reducing their meat intake and equally passionate about providing good quality alternatives to eat, the Fry’s launched their brand commercially just one year later. Fast-forward to today, and Fry’s products are now available in 23 countries around the world with Australia as one of its leading export markets.

The brief

In more recent times, we’ve seen a growing number of Australians willing to reduce their meat intake – whether for environmental reasons, animal rights interests, or often just to eat a bit less meat each week – and this has caused the brand to swell in local popularity and sales.

Fry’s is a shining example of CTD’s work and partnerships, a niche brand with a niche customer base, leading the way in new markets by responding to the needs of its customers.

Our work together

Over the years CTD has helped Fry’s launch new products just for the Australian market, working with them to reposition their brand and launch marketing campaigns locally. Most importantly, we’re experts at managing their supply chain – no small feat when you consider the logistical challenges that come with any frozen product range, let alone a “niche” category where its extremely important to carefully manage the integrity of the product through rate of sale and stock rotation.

Wally Fry and family have poured an immense amount of passion and hard work into this brand, and are established thought leaders on matters of climate change and animal rights issues. This genuine passion, category knowledge and belief in creating a better product are very much aligned to what we value at CTD. We’re proud to be part of this incredible journey.