Project Description

The brand story

In 1963, a lack of Italian produce in Australia and fond memories of his homeland led an Italian migrant, Carlo Valmorbida, to create the La Gina brand of tomatoes.

What was new then, is staple now. La Gina tomatoes in tins and La Gina passata have become synonymous with the joys of simple, good quality ingredients and it’s likely you grew up with them in your weekly shopping trolley

La Gina’s green and red tins are synonymous with independent grocery stores, dotting the shelves of continental outlets and delis across Australia for decades. The foundation of the best home cooked meals like lasagne, spaghetti bolognaise and Margarita pizza, the beauty of La Gina is in its simplicity. Just like the best Italian food, the ingredients speak for themselves!

The brief

La Gina came to CTD via a network referral, having heard of our retail and logistics knowledge and experience. Among a number of potential distributors to be interviewed, we were thrilled to be selected as their chosen partner. You could say the synergies were just right! The team at La Gina shares our entrepreneurial mindset and working culture and we could see the potential of working together from the start.

A relatively new partner to CTD, our biggest achievement together has been the smooth transition into managing their logistics. This may sound simple, but the process is complex! We have had to manage communication with manufacturers, retailers, freight companies and warehouses in order to ensure there was no hiccup in the supply chain during the transition. As you can see this is no mean feat!

Our work together

Now we manage the entire supply chain for La Gina, from locking in tomato pricing in Italy, quality assurance, managing retail partners, demand planning, logistics, sales and packaging compliance.

In this new partnership, we have seen year on year growth as a result of a robust promotional plan and excellent in store displays. CTD looks forward to further contributing to this iconic brand with new product development, while continuing to develop the strong Italian heritage of La Gina. Together we have grand plans to extend La Gina into many exciting Australian pantry and fridge staples. Watch this space!