Project Description


The brand story

PERi-PERi is at the heart and soul of Nando’s, and this spice of life comes through in everything they do. From their world famous sauce, their renowned Portuguese chicken restaurants, to their cheeky ad campaigns along with their vibrant grocery range, there is no doubt that this is a brand with a big personality and an even bigger heart.

The CTD-Nando’s relationship spans decades, kicking off when Felice Testini – CTD’s co-founder and company director – visited the very first Nandos Portuguese chicken shop in Johannesburg with his brother on its opening weekend. You could say it was love at first bite!

Over time, Nando’s opened more stores around the world and launched a bottled sauce range for consumers to enjoy at home, eventually bringing their zest to Aussie shores. Felice, who knew there would be an appetite for Nando’s locally, became more involved with the team and was eventually asked to be the distribution partner for the grocery brand here in Australia.

The brief

CTD is proud to be Nando’s grocery partner and in true partnership spirit we have helped launch extensions to the sauce and marinade range, as well as PERinaise (mayonnaise with PERi-PERi),  and most recently a new product range of gourmet chips.

We handle all the Australian retail logistics, including demand planning, purchasing, and warehousing, as well as ensuring local market regulation and packaging compliance. We also help source manufacturers when required.

We work closely with the Nando’s local team in managing grocery relationships, which includes launching new products; assessing category gaps and in turn attaining retailer buy-in to the overall plan. Additionally we supply a fully integrated field team to manage the range at store level.

Our work together

In our 12-year partnership, together we have increased the brand’s sales five-fold, making Nando’s the number one hot sauce brand in Australia. Australians have certainly acquired a taste for PERi-PERi!

You can’t say “Nando’s” without bringing a smile to someone’s face. It’s just a brand people love to talk about, and it’s been our pleasure and privilege – not to mention a lot of fun! – to be Nando’s Australian and New Zealand partner.