Our people

You might have heard a little about CTD already, because between our team members we seem to know everyone in the industry. It’s just what happens when your work spans decades and countries and categories. And it’s just what happens when you love everything to do with the grocery trade.

But allow us to indulge in a formal introduction.

CTD is a development and relationship hub for FMCG brands, producers and retailers.

We’re born connectors. We’re engaged with everything that’s going on in the supermarket and we’re committed to helping amazing brands and products shine on the shelves. Relationships are at the heart of what we do. Our people have been building them all over the world, for decades. Our networks, experience and contacts are exceptional. Most importantly, we build relationships for you. We bring retailers and manufacturers together for mutual benefit.

And we have fun along the way! We enjoy working with our retail customers and trading partners, and they enjoy working with us. Our team is a well-balanced mix of problem solvers, nimble doers, creative thinkers and persistent closers. Consider us a very handy extension to your own in-house team.