Making you market ready and keeping you relevant

We love working with extraordinary brands and manufacturers because they are uniquely positioned to capitalise on the growing trends and categories in which their expertise already lie. We help take their original product stories and shape them in the ways that make sense to local retailers and shoppers.

What does this look like, practically?

Each brand is different and therefore needs its own set of solutions. We pride ourselves on being agile and flexible, which means we can create a bespoke offer to suit each of our partner’s requirements. Regardless of the solution, we provide an end to end service which starts with opportunity analysis and market entry strategies right through to the warehousing and logistics needed to get the brand to market. You choose what suits you!

  • Our team helps you establish from the outset how your product will be received locally, as well as matching you to specific category gaps and retailer opportunities.

  • We equip you for the Australian marketplace with market intelligence, regulatory insight, and policy standards guidelines. We also have in place a collaborative quality assurance program that is practical and robust.
  • Our relationships are everything! We connect you with our vast network of contacts to make things happen for your brand, whether it’s by managing your trading relationships individually through access to the trade and key account management; or by sourcing expert contract packers for you, in line with local guidelines and procedures.
  • We help you navigate the logistics challenge that is Australia, and provide a supply chain of military precision, with everything from demand planning, purchasing and warehousing through to stock, debt collection and claims management.
  • We provide razor sharp marketing insights for generating appeal for niche brands, from long view strategy through to practical execution in store and on digital channels.
  • We boost the visibility of your product in store through strategic field sales, merchandising and displays.
  • We help increase distribution and visibility outside of the supermarket by working with our hand-picked specialist partners to move brands into other major channels including foodservice, convenience and online.

  • We offer friendly and helpful customer service, including technical support.

Simply put, we connect the dots in ways that would be difficult to do on your own, with the strength of our knowledge, relationships and unique local insights.

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