Tim Fairbairn

Practical, honest, shrewd and efficient, Tim’s our cut-to-the-chase guy. Our let’s-get-results guy, our let’s-make-it-better guy. But don’t be mistaken, he isn’t some suit wearing tyrant, more like a captain, reading the seas, forecasting what’s ahead, tasting the wind and steering things accordingly.

Tim is extremely hands-on in our day-to-day account management and in managing retail relationships with partners like Woolworths. His laser-like focus and approachable, down to earth nature (hello Queensland!) make Tim just the right guy to lead CTD. After all, it takes someone special to manage all the requirements of the brands and retailers and steer the CTD team.

Like many of our partnerships, Tim came to CTD via a good relationship, this one developed in Tim’s time at Fonterra, where he headed up retail sales. At the time, Felice was providing merchandising services to the company and the two quickly realised they could offer genuine value to CTD’s stakeholders by further working together.

Tim brings a wealth of blue chip FMCG experience in the Australian, New Zealand and UK grocery trade to CTD partners – building, managing and broadening retailer relationships with portfolios in excess of $1 billion in his career so far. He has spent the last five years guiding our team to help launch brands and refine the CTD portfolio to what you see today.